1. Take Interstate 79 South to Exit 73 (Wexford).  At the exit, you come to a traffic light.  Turn left onto Route 910.
  2. Go approximately 2.2 miles through 3 traffic lights (two of these are within 400 feet of the exit) to the first stop sign.
  3. At the stop sign, the Soggy Doggy Pet Shop is on your right and ESB Bank is on your left.  Turn right and go approximately 300 yards to another stop sign.
  4. Turn right onto Route 19 heading south.
  5. Follow Route 19 through 7 traffic lights (approximately 1.8 miles).
  6. You will then go down a steep hill.  Get into the right lane and take the McKnight Road exit ramp.
  7. As you come off the ramp onto McKnight Road, there will be a traffic light.  At that first light there is a Target Department Store on the right.
  8. Go straight for 2.4 miles for six traffic lights, including the one at Target.  At the sixth traffic light turn left onto Babcock Boulevard.  (There is also a Vincentian home and a BP gas station on your right.)
  9. Continue by merging into one of the two left lanes proceeding to the stop sign.
  10. At the stop sign you will see a sign for the McCandless Corporate Center.  Go straight into the Park onto Corporate Drive.
  11. Continue on Corporate Drive to the second office building on the left.  This is Building Three, 5700 Corporate Drive.  Pull into the driveway and park in the garage.  Parking is also available on the upper level outside the building.
  12. We are located on the third floor in Suite 350.  After exiting elevator, we are on the right.
  13. If you have any problems, please call us at (412) 635-9210 or (888) 236-5960.






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