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Free Retirement Analysis



Are You Retirement Ready?

What Are the Answers to the Following Questions?:

  1. Will I Outlive My Money or Will My Money Outlive Me?Senior client couple reviewing their retirement planning with an advisory and laptop at a table.
  2. If I Live to be 100, Will I Have Enough Money?
  3. How Long Would My Money Last if I were to Stop Working Today?
  4. If I Have a Retirement Shortfall, What Can Be Done About It?


Find Out the Answers to These Questions and More by Obtaining a Free Retirement Analysis from Legend Financial Advisors, Inc.®


Learn "How to Maximize Your Retirement Readiness", Please Call (412) 635-9210 to Schedule a Meeting to Obtain a Free Retirement Analysis.


Specifically, the Free Retirement Income Analysis Will Include the Following:

  1. A Basic Retirement Income Analysis (One Time Single Projection)
    1. Review A Personal Annual Withdrawal Rate Based On Actual Cash Flow Needs
  2. Notebook open on table with 'Roth IRA' and 'Traditional IRA' Table Written on itA Basic Net Worth Statement
    1. That Summarizes Assets and Liabilities
  3. A Basic Social Security Projection (For One of the Following)
    1. Age 62
    2. Your Full Retirement Age According to the Social Security Administration
    3. Age 70
  4. Have A Discussion of IRA Rollover Options
  5. Have A Big Picture Discussion of Investment Allocation Needed to Address Long-Term Retirement Cash Flow Goals.


Please Call Legend to Obtain a Free Retirement Analysis
at (412) 635-9210.

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