A Social Security Card with red text overlaying the card stating “Identity Theft”Daily, Another Story Appears About a Major Retailer, Healthcare Provider, or an Employer Having an Identity Breach.  What Happens if One’s Identity is Stolen?  Prevention and Preparation are Necessary to Minimize One’s Financial and Time Losses as well as Worries.  When it Will Occur, Not If, is the Question.  Legend Financial Advisors, Inc.® can Help Individuals Learn More About Ways to Prevent and Mitigate the Impact of Identity Theft.


Some of the Areas Covered by Legend include:

  1. Review Of Credit Monitoring Services
  2. Understanding The Types Of Identity Theft
  3. Recognizing If You Have Been A Victim Of Identity Theft
  4. Strategies To Prevent Identity TheftA blue button on a white keyboard with text stating “Personal Data” with a lock image on top of the blue button.
  5. How Identity Theft Affects Your Credit Score
  6. Steps To Take After Identity Theft Occurs

Listed below are a few Webcasts on Identity Theft:

  1. Save or Shred – New Rules For Financial Document Retention!
  2. Equifax Security Breach – Part II: What To Do Next?
  3. Equifax Security Breach – Part I: What Should I Do Next?
  4. Identity Theft Protection: Don't Be A Victim

For a Discussion Regarding, Preventing Identity Theft & Fraud Protection, Please Contact Legend
at (412) 635-9210.


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