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What do you not like about investing your own monies?
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1. Investment Losses/Poor Returns.
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2. I/We Are Concerned That I/We Are Not Keeping Up With Financial Market Returns And/Or Will Keep Up With Inflation.
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3. I/We Don't Have The Investment Knowledge And/Or Understanding To Invest/Manage My/Our Monies.
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4. I/We Cannot Decide On How Best To Invest/Manage My/Our Monies.
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5. I/We Don't Understand How To Evaluate Investment Products And/Or Securities.
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6. I/We Don't Have The Time To Perform The Necessary Investment Research To Invest My/Our Monies.
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7. I/We Don't Have Access To Or Know How To Use Sophisticated Investment Research Information And/Or Analysis Tools (Morningstar Workstation, Bloomberg Investment Terminal, Etc.).
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8. I/We Are Uncomfortable Making Decisions With Regard To Managing My/Our Monies. I/We Realize A Mistake Can Cost Us Substantial Losses In Poor Investment Markets Or Poor Returns In Otherwise Profitable Investment Markets.
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9. I/We Don't Understand How To Calculate Accurate Performance, Analyze And/Or Measure Risk (Risk-Adjusted Returns) On My/Our Monies.
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10. I/We Do Not Know How To Evaluate My/Our Risk-Adjusted Returns On My/Our Monies And Determine If They Are Good Or Bad.
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11. I/We Don't Understand How To Evaluate the Portfolio Managers Of The Underlying Investment Products.
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12. I/We Don't Have Access To Institutional Investment Vehicles (Very Low Cost).
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13. I/We Can't Evaluate The Costs Of Products Properly.
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14. I/We Don't Understand How To Construct A Portfolio That Meets My/Our Risk/Reward Objectives.
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15. I/We Don't Understand How To Trade Securities Cost Effectively And As A Result, I/We Understand That We Will Pay Premiums And/Or Sell Securities at Deep Discounts Unnecessarily. This Often Occurs When Trading Individual Bonds, Stocks, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs), Closed-End Mutual Funds, Structured Notes, Etc.
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16. I/We Do Not Understand How To Trade Securities Income Tax-Efficiently. Therefore, I/We Understand That We Are Paying More In Income Taxes Than We Need To. I/We Also Do Not Know Where To Place Different Types of Investments For Income Tax-Efficiency.
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17. Previously I/We Have Used The Average Cost Basis (Bad) Tax Methodology Rather Than Specific Share Lot Cost Basis (Good).
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18. I/We Have Purchased Fixed Annuity Products.
Other Comments

19. I/We Have Purchased Variable Annuity Products In The Past.

20. I/We Have Purchased Whole Life Insurance Policies, Endowment Policies And/Or Variable Life Insurance Policies As Investments.

21. I/We have Purchased Structured Note Products In The Past.

22. Other Negatives:

23. I/We Like The Following About My/Our Current Situation:

24. Other Reasons I/We Are “Do-It-Yourself” Investors:

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