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This newsletter discusses improving your finances and is a service, provided courtesy of Legend Financial Advisors, Inc.® (Legend).  Legend serves clients nationwide.  


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Is It Safe To Buy Equities? presented by Lou Stanasolovich, CFP®

Wednesday, December 9th at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time Register Now

Thursday, December 10th at Noon Eastern Time Register Now

Legend Financial Advisors, Inc.’s ® CEO, President and Chief Investment Officer, Lou Stanasolovich CFP®, will present a Free Webcast entitled “Is It Safe To Buy Equities?” on Wednesday, December 9th at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time and Thursday, December 10th at Noon Eastern Time. 

Lou will discuss the current environment for equities, especially macro issues such as the need for a Financial Stimulus Bill, the need for a smooth transition of political power in Washington as well as how the status of the Coronavirus will affect the financial markets.  Other factors addressed will include company profitability, interest rates, economic activity as well as inflation/deflation/disinflation.

Registration is free.  Please feel free to invite relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. to attend.

Other On Demand Webcasts Available:

To watch and/or view Legend’s entire list of Webcasts created in 2020 and 2019, please go to  New Webcasts will be posted to this location on the Website within a few days of each live event.





Preferred Securities Offer A Significant Income Stream, But Not Necessarily Stability:

Preferred stocks currently offer some of the highest yields in the fixed income world, but they can be almost as volatile as common stocks at times.  After all, they are stocks. They also provide an income advantage, but they can provide an income taxation advantage as well regardless of one’s tax bracket.  The after-tax yield can even exceed that of tax-exempt municipal bonds at times like the current situation.   Learn more by reading “Preferred Securities Offer A Significant Income Stream, But Not Necessarily Stability”.  For further information, contact Louis P. Stanasolovich, CFP® at (412) 635-9210.

2020 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits:

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced 2020 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits regarding contributions to 401(k), 403(b), and 457(b) Plans as well as for Traditional IRA, and Roth IRA accounts.  Learn more by reading “2020 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits”.  For further information, contact Legend’s James J. Holtzman, CFP® at (412) 635-9210.

Create A Personalized Credit Monitoring Service:

Federal law allows everyone to obtain a free copy of their credit report every 12 months from each credit reporting company.  By requesting one report every four months from a different company (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian), an individual can perform their own credit monitoring for free.  Learn more by reading Create A Personalized Credit Monitoring Service”.  For further information, contact Legend’s James J. Holtzman, CFP® at (412) 635-9210.

Self-Employment Insurance:

In decades past, the average individual had a job, usually within one company, often for the rest of their life.  In 2020, it’s a different story.  That’s because many people have gigs (part-time or even full-time jobs on the sides, but as independent contractors).  These have become an economy of independent consultants who often move from one job to the next.  Learn more by reading Self-Employment Insurance”.  For further information, contact Legend’s Louis P. Stanasolovich, CFP® at (412) 635-9210.

Understanding Daily TIPS Interest Accruals - A Bit Complex:

Recently, several investment pundits have been recommending Treasury Inflation Protection Securities (TIPS) as a fixed income investment because of potential rising interest rates.  TIPS interest calculation mechanics are calculated in an unusual manner relative to the typical bond.  The principal accrual is calculated daily by applying the second prior month’s (two months before the current month—in other words, a two-month lag) non-seasonally adjusted CPI-U percentage (commonly known as inflation) change proportionately to each day (meaning the daily rate is applied to the number of days) of the current calendar month.  Learn more by reading "Understanding Daily TIPS Interest Accruals - A Bit Complex".  For further information, contact Legend’s James J. Holtzman, CFP® at (412) 635-9210.



Pulse.pngThe Global Investment Pulse is an innovative, cutting-edge economic and investment newsletter published by Legend Financial Advisors, Inc.® and EmergingWealth Investment Management, Inc.®.  It is designed to assist investors as to how better investment portfolios are built.  Articles and charts on both current and historical trends for the domestic and international markets are included.  To view The Global Investment Pulse, please visit where the latest issues are available.

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Podium.pngLegend’s advisors are available to speak and/or make a presentation, free of charge, to any organization.  Please contact Chris Kail at (412) 635-9210 to discuss any speaking opportunities.  Legend’s advisors can speak on any number of financial subjects.  Typical Audiences include senior citizen groups, investment clubs, medical societies, religious organizations, educational institutions, divorce, widows/widowers, AARP, and professional groups.



Legend Financial Advisors, Inc.® (Legend) is a Fee-Only1, Fiduciary U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Registered Investment Advisory Firm with Its Headquarters Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Legend provides Personalized Wealth Management Services including Financial Planning and Investment Management Strategies to Individuals and Families, Business Entities, Medical Practices and Non-Profit Organizations as well as Retirement Plans.  Legend Serves Clients Nationwide.

Legend and its Advisors are Fiduciaries.  As a Fiduciary, Legend and its Advisory Team Works in Their Clients’ Best Interests At All Times.


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