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Publication/Article: Date:

Policygenius Quotes Jim Holtzman in "How 2019 Tax Bracket Changes Affect Your Wallet"

January 2019

Bottom Line Personal by Jim Holtzman: How Big an Emergency Fund Do You Need?

August 2016

U.S. News & World Report Quotes Diane Pearson on "15 Retirement Investing Mistakes To Avoid"

July 2016
Cashing In Early On Social Security Means Lower Benefits May 2016
Advisor Perspectives features Lou Stanasolovich: How Advisors Are Positioning Fixed-Income Portfolios in Advance of the Next Fed Rate Hike Slouching Toward "Bondmageddon" March 2015
Bottom Line Personal by Diane Pearson: How to Leave an IRA to Grandkids September 2014
CNBC quotes Diane Pearson: A Matter Of Trusts: Benefactors, Heirs And Their Advisors August 2014
Bottom Line Personal by Diane Pearson: Why You Don't Want the House in the Divorce And Other Assests That Aren't Worth As Much As You Think July 2014
The Suit Magazine Profiling Legend Financial Advisors, Inc.® April/May 2014

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